First Saturday K.L.U.M.S.I.E.E. Crafter’s Club

Four women, born in four different decades, come together once a month at the little red brick church on Washington Street for The First Saturday K.L.U.M.S.I.E.E. Crafter’s Club –a time they dedicate to creativity, decadent food, and sharing the happenings of their lives. Over the years, they’ve learned most everything about one another, but each keeps a a single dark secret from the others. When a new pastor arrives they warn him to beware of the church’s ghost, but when history threatens to repeat, belief in a local legend becomes full fledged terror of a vengeful spirit.

As each woman’s story is revealed, the ties that bind the families of the small town become more tangled and entwined until past and present blur into a stunning moment of revelation.

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Just days after she graduates college, Martin’s parents are killed by a drunk driver. Lost and alone, she heads home to settle the estate and discovers she’s inherited more than she ever expected-a sizable amount of cash, a house in a small town she’s never heard of, and a supernatural debt that can only be paid in blood.

She’s got until the summer solstice to convince the mysterious citizens of Blissfield to save her, but small towns have long memories and her family’s dark secrets have not been forgotten.

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Lakeshore Ltd Cover


When Eleanor’s great-granddaughter, Lydia, shows up seeking her help, the “retired” detective knows she has no choice but to spring into action once again.

Lydia has been attending classes at a local university and has great admiration for one of the teaching assistants who has been doing cutting edge research. On a trip to Washington DC to start on a new, ground-breaking project, the woman and her work disappeared. The local police aren’t taking the case seriously, but Lydia believes her friend is in real trouble.

With a solid history of sleuthing together in the past, the unlikely team confidently heads out in search of clues. Soon, they find themselves knee-deep in corporate intrigue and murderous greed with nothing more than their wits and the contents of Eleanor’s enormous handbag to save themselves.

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The Mystery of Novak Manor large


Armed with knitting needles and a fantastic playlist, Eleanor and Lydia set off to solve The Mystery of Novak Manor.

Eleanor Albright is a spritely ninety-year-old ex-detective with more than a few skeletons in her closet and a grim determination to keep them there by hiding from the world.

Her great-granddaughter Lydia is twenty-two- years old and sorely misunderstood by the world. After all, just because a girl dresses in all black and listens to My Chemical Romance doesn’t mean she lacks vision or hope. Well… maybe hope.

When Lord Novak calls Eleanor from his castle in a tiny, beautiful Eastern European nation with a desperate plea for help, she agrees, with mixed emotions, to come out of retirement and she talks Lydia into serving as her assistant.

Now the two women must find the truth about the fearsome ghost that’s haunting Novak Manor before the “ghost” finds the legendary secret treasure with the power to bring the  monarchy to its knees.

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