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“The veil is coming down. What will be revealed about you?”

Simone Fitzgerald battles for a normal life against voices no one else hears. She seems to be succeeding, until an angel appears, asking her to embrace the voices as a gift and stand as The Prophet.

When demons mobilize the beings of legend against mankind, Divine Wrath burns hot against creation. Simone must find the strength to embrace The Light and bring peace to the universe, but she may be crushed under the weight of the burden she’s been asked to bear.

Follow an epic journey that takes the earth you know through a time when fairy tale creatures rule and into realms undreamed of.

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“How can you embrace the light when darkness rules your heart?”

The Bloodless prowl the lands beyond the city. In the name of safety, the elders have shut out the outside world and demanded a culture of strict conformity. Shifrah’s differences create a mental prison from which she can envision no escape – until Donovan rides into town, new, and different, and fearless. Intrigued, Shifrah seeks out information and learns that he’s a Blood drinker; the son of the Prophetess who saved the human race five centuries earlier. Intrigue escalates into obsession.

He has come to warn the people that the demon queen has rallied the Bloodless to attack the city. Donovan implores them to disperse across the land, trusting in That Which Is to ensure their survival. The city’s leaders, including Shifrah’s father and Donovan’s best friend, remain adamant that safety is found in the tower fortress they have built but, as the threat draws nearer and tensions rise, Shifrah uncovers the gruesome truth of their secret attempts to appease the Bloodless.

Donovan possesses the ability to change Shifrah into a being like him. Combined with her Gifts, the change will grant her the power of the gods, but she can’t use that power to make right what’s gone wrong and save her people until she learns to overcome her own dark appetites and embrace her unique nature.

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