Some Sailors Never Die (Monsters and Mayhem, Book 3)

Take cruise
See weirdos
Fight evil

Almost a year ago, Richard and Stanley escaped a nest of supernatural creatures posing as nurses at their retirement home. Together with Richard’s granddaughter Burke, they’ve crisscrossed the country on a mission to protect humanity from the things that go bump in the night, but Stanley’s had some mishaps along the way that have left him weak and weary. Burke suggests that a cruise might be just what the doctor ordered, and the two men go along with her plan.

But evil never takes a vacation.

From the moment they board, Richard suspects something is amiss, but Stanley is too tired to care, and Burke doesn’t believe him. When passengers start dying mysteriously, he’s forced to take matters into his own hands, but can he escape the eyes of an over-attentive activities director, a waiter who takes his job far too seriously, and a wealthy widow who’s determined to win him over long enough to find the monster and destroy it before it kills again?

(Scarsdale Publishing, September 2020)

For exclusive sneak peeks into this book, check out these amazing book bloggers who allowed me to visit their space for a virtual book tour! Special thanks to GK Sihat for organizing the tour.

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Some Legends Never Die (Monsters and Mayhem, book 2)

Survive Thanksgiving
Escape Romance
Save Galaxy

Ornery octogenarian Richard, his associate Stanley, and his granddaughter Burke are world-class hunters of all things supernatural. They’ve faced monsters of every ilk, even overcome The Devil Herself, but now they face the most frightening challenge of all—spending the holidays with family.

Richard’s daughter is determined to return him to the safety of a senior care facility. She wants to send Stanley with him, and she has plans to make a match between Burke and a young IT engineer she ran over with her car. Little does she know that hunters are invariably led to the hunt.

There’s a rogue monster in the neighborhood, and Burke’s blind date lands her in the middle of a battle between two powerful gangs of supernatural creatures. Now Richard and Stanley must find a way to rescue her and stop the battle before it grows to truly galactic proportions, but can they do it with a meddling daughter and her quirky neighbors watching their every move?

(Scarsdale Publishing, 2020)

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Some Monsters Never Die (Monsters and Mayhem, book 1)

2018 Watty Award Winner – Wildcard Category

Richard always believed he’d enjoy a few golden years before Death’s bony hand reached for him. But what does he get? He gets to live across the hall from friggin’ Stanley Kapcheck with his shiny bald head and perfect teeth that are all his own; Stanley Kapcheck who struts around like a peacock in his leather coat.

Honestly! What kind of respectable senior citizen wears leather?

But Stanley isn’t your average senior citizen. He’s a Hunter—a slayer of all things unnatural. He reveals to Richard that the one monster that has eluded him is the same beast that killed Richard’s wife, and it’s due to kill again before the next new moon. The two men load up on ibuprofen and prune juice and embark on a cross-country demon-hunting adventure, but when The Devil Herself kidnaps Stanley, Richard realizes the line between Hunter and hunted is very thin, indeed, and the ornery octogenarian only has a few days left to trap The Devil, save Stanley, and slay the monster who murdered his bride.

(Scarsdale Publishing, 2019)

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Above and Beneath: The world of angels and demons

The balance between good and evil is always in flux. Demons vie for control for the key to heaven’s gate to wreak havoc on the Earth and destroy mankind by any means necessary—striking fear, famine, deceit and damnation into the world.

Our only hope of redemption is entrusted to angels, as they thwart the forces of evil. These eight original tales unveil the hidden world of angels and demons and the battle over our very souls.

Contains the short stories:

  • Life’s Nectar, by Amber D. Boyd
  • Watch, by E.A. Comiskey
  • Evil in the Canyon, by Michael Laird
  • Forbidden, by Chayton Avalerias
  • To Die For, by K.S. Valentine
  • On the Narrow Way, Ariel Paiement
  • My Father, Lucifer, by Michael Holiday
  • Forevermore, by Amber D. Boyd & Chayton Avalerias

(Port & Key Publishing, October, 2018)

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Demonic Debutantes

In the first nine days of the ninth month of 1999, the Devil begat nine daughters. To each he gave a power to wreck havoc upon the earth, and to each he gave a home where they could see the wickedness of humankind; where their hearts could nurture dark desires for vengeance and destruction.

But kids don’t always turn out the way you plan.

With shady characters, magic, LGBTQ+ antiheroes to love, and a very likeable demon historian, DEMONIC DEBUTANTES promises to give you the chills and remind you that even the Devil was once an Angel.

(Curious Tomes, October 2019)

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