Some Loves Never Die (Monsters and Mayhem, Book 4)

Almost a year ago, Richard ditched his life as a retiree at the Everest Senior Living Facility to hunt monsters with his granddaughter, Burke, and his best frenemy, Stanley Kapcheck. So when Burke’s ex-husband goes missing after calling to say something evil is following him, they assume the worst and head to his last known location.
When they arrive in Santa Fe, New Mexico, they learn that the ex is in bigger trouble than they thought. The dead are awakening and even The Devil Herself is unable to stop what’s coming. It’s left to the three hunters to find the missing man, quiet the restless spirits, and send The Devil back where she came from before the citizens of New Mexico fall prey to the dark magic that has been unleashed.

(Scarsdale Publishing, November 2021)

Now Available on Amazon!


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