Some Legends Never Die (Monsters and Mayhem, book 2)

Survive Thanksgiving
Escape Romance
Save Galaxy

Ornery octogenarian Richard, his associate Stanley, and his granddaughter Burke are world-class hunters of all things supernatural. They’ve faced monsters of every ilk, even overcome The Devil Herself, but now they face the most frightening challenge of all—spending the holidays with family.

Richard’s daughter is determined to return him to the safety of a senior care facility. She wants to send Stanley with him, and she has plans to make a match between Burke and a young IT engineer she ran over with her car. Little does she know that hunters are invariably led to the hunt.

There’s a rogue monster in the neighborhood, and Burke’s blind date lands her in the middle of a battle between two powerful gangs of supernatural creatures. Now Richard and Stanley must find a way to rescue her and stop the battle before it grows to truly galactic proportions, but can they do it with a meddling daughter and her quirky neighbors watching their every move?

(Scarsdale Publishing, 2020)

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