Coming Soon – More Things In Heaven And Earth (Book One of the Heaven And Earth Series)

***She’s taking advice from angels, but even angels aren’t all-knowing.***

Simone has been a Christian for a long time. Her faith has helped her build a perfectly normal life. After years of struggling against the voices that only she could hear, a normal life is all she really wanted. But when an angelic being approaches her with a plea to intercede between mankind and those who are “other” her eyes are opened to the fact that her idea of God and creation have been far too small.

When society crumbles and the very heavens quake with rumors of war, Simone must learn for herself exactly what price is paid by a human who assumes to speak for God.


An excerpt from More Things In Heaven And Earth. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

I was, once more, in the cool, dark, quiet of the late evening outside my own home. “You see,” he said, “that, while he too often succeeds with individuals, it is nearly impossible for Acedia to destroy all men through his treachery. Man is in The Image and holds the very power of all creation within himself. The spark that man has is very difficult indeed to snuff out. He must give it up on his own and his every instinct is to keep it burning at any cost.”

I felt a cold foreboding. If humans were so fabulously resilient, the threat must be vast beyond anything I could imagine. “So what has Acedia done?”

“In addition to his normal plaguing of mankind he has turned his attention to the others. He has moved among the beings of the realm and, most especially, among the creatures of legend. He has caused among them a terrible apathy, a restlessness that has spread and grown. These beings, who have been held in check for millennia, have decided they are no longer content in the shadows. They are bored.” He spat the last word out as though it had a bad taste before continuing.

“Simone, he has persuaded them to walk free of the shadows. He is striving to tear down the veils once more – telling the others that the only way to overcome the tedium of immortality is by drawing near once more to the warmth and power of man. More than that, he has convinced them that men should be their slaves to be fed upon and used for entertainment and pleasure without care or discretion. Remember, it is because they are created in The Image that men are special in all the realms. For those who have been long apart from the presence of That Which Is, or for those who have never known that Presence at all, man’s allure is nearly irresistible.

They are coming, Simone. They are coming and they desire for all mankind to know them and revere them and feed them and ease the pain of the apathy which consumes them. They will have their tedium relieved, even if it means literally consuming man to gain his power.”

“How many come?” I asked, though I’m not sure what I hoped to gain by knowing the answer. Even a single being of such evil was beyond my capacity to truly imagine taking a stand against.


“Millions.” I repeated, my mind refusing to accept the word. I was just an average housewife. What in the world was I supposed to do to stop a movement of millions of malevolent supernatural beings bent on the destruction of my entire species?