Write. Nap. Question Everything.

E.A. Comiskey is an award-winning fiction writer and nationally syndicated blogger. Her work is broadly described as “speculative fiction” and is often a wild mix of humor, mystery, mythology, fantasy, horror, and romance.

She lives in rural Michigan with her husband, children, and a veritable zoo of creatures. If there’s a festival in the area, you can bet she’s there, most likely drawing on the pavement with chalk. After all, when you live in Michigan, you go outside whenever you get the chance.

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Coming, June 1, 2022 on Amazon and in paperback:

Summer in the Fields of Bliss

Martin is a recent college grad who has inherited a sizable amount of cash, a house in a small town she’s never heard of, and a supernatural debt that can only be paid in blood. She’s got until the summer solstice to find a solution. An extraordinary four-legged friend and the dashing undead mayor are at her side, but not all of Blissfield’s unusual residents are so eager to help. After all, small towns have long memories, and her family’s dark secrets have not been forgotten.

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